QUALS_NDH 2k15 | FaceBox WEB 100 [WRITEUP]

This task is a web task worth 100 points from the Nuit du Hack qualifications.
Its name should have been « guest fest »
We are given a website, where you can upload files.
There are already a few files uploaded : confidentials.txt, which is private, and paste01.txt. Both have been uploaded by the same user.

We spent a lot of time on this task :
First of all, someone noticed that the URL was prod.facebox.challs…, however, replacing prod with dev return an error 503 at this time.
Of course, we tried to upload php files, but it did not work.
We also tried to upload files called « credentials.txt » to create a collision in the hash that allows you to view a file. But it did not work either.
We then tried to attack the cookie. It was three base64 strings, joined by a single dot.
It was probably a json, followed by a timestamp-like variable, and a hash to check the cookie is correct.

<+elkaluche> Moi j’ai passé 5H à upload des merdes, c’était génial
<+elkaluche> ^^
<+Arod> et moi 5h à bidouiller le cookie de merde

Sambecks from Khack40 returned the favor and hinted Notfound that there was a .git directory to guess.
Remember the domain that was not working earlier, that we thought was pointless ? Well, now it works, and it is far from being pointless.
You need to retrieve as much file as you can from the .git repository.
There are probably better ways to do so, but we created a local git repo, added a file, and tried to download every files.
Once the repo is rebuilt, you can git status to see the missing files, and git checkout $file to recover a file.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

def generate_random_filename(user_id,filename):
    dbuser = users.query.filter_by(id=user_id).first()

    if dbuser.privkey is not None:
        return md5(str(dbuser.privkey)+filename).hexdigest()
        privkey = str(randint(10000000,99999999))
        upd = users.query.filter_by(id=user_id).first()
        upd.privkey = privkey
    return md5(str(privkey)+filename).hexdigest()

By reading this snippet of code, we figured that each user has a unique privkey.
Since we can read the hash from one file of the admin, we can make bruteforce his privkey.
Tishrom did it, and found 95594864.
Given the salt, we can find the hash of confidentials.txt : md5(str(95594864)+'confidentials.txt').hexdigest()
Flag is therefore at http://prod.facebox.challs.nuitduhack.com/files/view/35e2cb0b2e8bd40347ecd4e32767a060.

Flag: M4x_M4i5_DR

Thanks to


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