QUALS_NDH 2k15 | PDFCeption MISC 500 [WRITEUP]

Well, we don’t validate this challenge at time, but few secondes after the end …

We just explain a quick way to do because this shitty challenge does not deserve a nice writeup.
We were given a .vdi and a file called « lastdump ».
This file was supposed to be encrypted (LUKS) but it was not the case …

So we have extracted the data :

$ foremost -t pdf lastdump
$ photorec <on the lastdump>

It was like … 3AM and we already got the PDF with the logo.
We spend many many MANY times on it, searching for a PDF in the PDF (PDFCeption …), playing with ascii85decode to decode stream, etc.

At 10AM, Notfound asked to the author, an embittered person (yggdrasil):

2015-04-04 10:02:19 Notfound_ is the logo important ?

No reponse …
A shitty hint was given :

PDFCeption -> Hint: find the difference http://bit.ly/1avCLaQ

Just before midnight, we decided to try LSB on the logo (for a MISC500, yeah LSB, seems legit)
Indeed, the surprise was huge. The logo is stegano !!!!


Last step, find what kind : LSB BGR.

The flag is: DaddyDontTouchMeThere

— Notfound

2 réflexions au sujet de « QUALS_NDH 2k15 | PDFCeption MISC 500 [WRITEUP] »

  1. Hey,
    Thank’s for your write up

    I also worked hard on it …. but I was wrong. I have extracted the ascii85decode/flatdecode (I removed manualy non ascii bytes) part of the pdf and it was an image (without header) :

    I noticed binary stream arround the token but it was not ascii….

    The logo in that you found the stegano was « ESIEA » one ?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I (Notfound) also past many time on this challenge, and I have extracted the ascii85decode/flatcode too 😀
      When the hint was given, I tried to make a difference between the 2 PDF in order to fine ANOTHER PDF … But I was wrong.
      The logo is the logo of NDH, check this -> http://notfound.ovh/ndh.png

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