CSCAMP | Web350 – Brownies [WRITE UP]

This one was easy too
the purpose is to login to this interface

Image of Web350_portal
NOTA: I’ve made the rest of the chall with curl
After some tries, a hint was released:
« think of default files when using source code management systems… »

So source code management sounds like git or svn for me.
Let’s try if we can get the .git file!
Image of Web350_git
Bingo, it works 🙂

Let’s use the default credentials ping/pong and see what happens.

Image of Web350_pingpong

We can see some interesting headers on the response!
By googling quickly df911f0151f9ef021d410b4be5060972, I’ve noticed that it corresponds to md5(« ping »)
Knowing that, we can build our attack!
type=user ==> type=admin; flag=md5(‘ping’) ==> flag=md5(‘john’); name=ping ==> name=john Image of Web350_flag

Flag: ‘a012c434d1ec6db911fda4884de14fdd’

Enjoyed 🙂


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